Monday, 4 November 2013

Splish splash I was takin’ a bath

Sometimes when people tell me that the Mini Grumpy Egyptian is small for her age, I look at them like they are crazy. To me she feels huge, but I have to remind myself that this is only because she was so tiny at birth. The Mini Grumpy Egyptian weighed just 2.7kg when she was born and now is slightly over double her birth weight as she approaches six months. The past month has seen some major changes in her that I wish The Grumpy Egyptian was here to see (visa issues – ARGH), but there are so many more milestones for her to cross that he can be there for.

Firstly, the time came to pack away her tiny baby and newborn clothes. Then in the same week I had to admit her 0-3 month stuff just wasn’t fitting anymore so that pile found its way into storage too. Now she is in her 3-6 month clothes and I just adore dressing her in clashing colours and prints, much to my mother’s horror. Well if you can’t colour clash as a child when can you get away with it?
Secondly, the baby bath got too big. This one crept up on me! I swear it was only yesterday we moved her from the *ahem* sink to the baby bath and now that is too small. Now baths take place in the big girl bath aka the bath! She loves being able to kick and stretch and swallow as many bubbles as humanly possible.

Thirdly, Operation Weanathon has begun and the Mini Grumpy Egyptian is loving trying out new tastes and textures. Favourites so far include carrot, blueberries, sweet potato, broccoli, banana and… Thai Curry Soup. Yep, you did read that last one right. Seems as though we have an adventurous eater on our hands. Lots of Annabel Karmel being called upon to give me ideas of things to make for myself that I can also try with the mini one.

And finally, but potentially most significant is that the Mini Grumpy Egyptian has outgrown her crib. This week I am off to buy her a cot that she can stretch out in. Considering an IKEA one at the moment, but am going to have a look at some before deciding. Any recommendations? The Mini Grumpy Egyptian might not be sleeping through the night yet, but hopefully that will change in the not so distant future.
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  1. Gosh this post brings back all those lovely memories of the major developments when they are wee little things!

    1. Aww thank you. The things I used to think were small just seem so big when she does them!

  2. I really didn't want to pack away my baby's first little clothes but he started looking like he was in a straight jacket so I had too :-) My little one has an Ikea cot and it's great. My thinking has always been that it's better to buy a cheaper cot and invest in a more expensive mattress - Ikea have a couple of great cot mattresses too.

    1. I must admit to having a little tear in the eye as I packed away her clothes. Totally agree with you about the cot & mattress. I was planning to get a cot bed with the hope it will last her a little longer!

  3. Emma what fantastic milestone (although a little sad) it does seem to go so quickly too!

    Good luck on the cot search front (mine came from kiddicare and was really fab)

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xxx