Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Review: Ewan the Dream Sheep

Sleep is like the Holy Grail for all new mums and given that I remember breaking down in tears at least once a day due to exhaustion when the Mini Grumpy Egyptian was just a couple of weeks old, it was something that I and I'm sure most mums would give almost anything for. I've always struggled to get the Mini Grumpy Egyptian to sleep well because she believes that being help by her mummy (boob in mouth preferable) is the only way a Princess should rest. Unfortunately for the little Princess in this story, mummy is going to have to go back to work and needs to have a bit of time during the day to do things other than hold a sleeping baby. Just in time, I met Ewan.

I had seen Ewan the Dream Sheep on numerous parenting sites and forums, but it seemed like a bit of a gimmick. I didn't understand how a cuddly sheep would help my baby sleep so despite umming and ahhing about it, I didn't buy it. When the Mini Grumpy Egyptian reached six months last week, I popped into my local jojo maman bebe store and they had a lucky dip going where you could get 10%, 20% or 50% off your purchases. I got 20% and after a particularly rough nights sleep decided to bring Ewan home.

Oh. My. God. I don't know what possessed me to put it off for so long. The Mini Grumpy Egyptian fell asleep while feeding as normal and as I put her into her cot, I turned Ewan on (if you will excuse the expression!) and she stayed asleep! I stood frozen for a couple of minutes expecting her to start wailing at being put down, but she just cuddled up to Ewan and slept for 3 hours. A major accomplishment.

When she woke during the night, I initially tried activating Ewan and patting her gently, but if that didn't work, a feed followed by being put back in her cot with Ewan did. Ewan plays four different sounds that all have mum's heartbeat playing in the background. The Mini Grumpy Egyptian reacts well to three of the sounds, but hates the harp one so I have to remember not to press that at 3am! Ewan also emits a red glow that admittedly I found a bit creepy at first (especially when combined with a heartbeat going on in the background), but the mini one likes it so for a good nights sleep I can suck it up! The only problem I have with Ewan is that the sounds only play for 20 minutes and sometimes the mini one needs a little longer.

I have tried using Ewan to get daytime naps a bit more organised and much to my shock the Mini Grumpy Egyptian has fallen to sleep by herself (no boob or rocking) two or three times so I'm hopeful he will help her in learning to self-sooth.

Have any of you used Ewan or do you have other sleep aids you swear by?

Disclaimer: I paid for this product myself, but found it so good I wanted to offer another positive review

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