Monday, 23 September 2013

Mummy friends

Picture the scene. Girl walks into room with other girls she doesn’t know – they all seem to already know each other – and inside she is screaming, “Please like me! Look I also have a Cath Kidston changing bag!” No I’m not talking about the first day at school, but my first visit to the baby weighing clinic after the birth of the Mini Grumpy Egyptian (MGE).

Yes we are all grownups, but there is still that little girl inside that doesn’t want to sit on her own and get picked last at sports. I had been away from my hometown for 3 years when I went to university and then abroad for 4.5 years so had grown apart from many of my old friends, while the remaining chums were spread out around the world. On my return to the UK, I got on great with my health visitor so when she suggested I visit the open clinic to weigh the MGE and make new friends I thought how hard can it be….

Oh. My. God. It was like being back at school, but mummy-style. There were the Yummy Mummys  on one side with buggies so fancy they looked like NASA made them, perfectly highlighted hair  and non-vomit covered clothes who sat there talking about organic baby food and how quickly they got back into their pre-baby jeans. And then there were the Other Mummys of which I am firmly a member of with hair all over the place, eyebrows that wouldn’t look out of place on Robert Pattinson, smears of who knows what on their shoulders, tummies that resemble jelly and eye-bags so big there isn’t enough make-up in the world to cover them.

I’d always hoped that after birth I would suddenly morph into one of these yummy mummys, but my genes and indeed my jeans seem to be fighting that transformation. So for now I will stick with my two normal mummy friends for now – you know the ones who consider cake a food group, carry sweets in their bags to bribe the kids and think dressing up involves changing their top to something not covered in sick - and leave those calorie counting ubermums to carry on together.

Were you one of the first in your group of friends to have kids? How did you find making new mummy friends? Any funny stories?

The Egyptian Mummy

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