Thursday, 15 August 2013

New mum onboard

I moved to Muscat four and a half years ago from the UK with the intention of working two years and then moving back to the UK. A couple of months in and I met The Grumpy Egyptian (TGE) and things changed forever. Now we are married and life just got more exciting with the introduction of Mini Grumpy Egyptian (MGE) back in May 2013.When I was without kids I used to tease my friends that had children about how they were always the last one to turn up at the coffee shop, the first one to leave and instead of Chanel No 5 they were wearing Eau de Baby Powder (and that was the lucky ones!). They always smiled and I thought they were just humouring me, but now I know it was a knowing smile as they knew I was pregnant and soon I was going to be the one being teased.

When the MGE came into our lives she came with quite a spectacular bang and demanded to come out a couple of weeks early. As I recovered in the hospital room, I found myself staring at this beautiful bundle of joy that happily slept and woke almost like clockwork every two hours for a feed/change/cuddle and then dozed off again.

Despite reading the books and having younger siblings, I started to fool myself that perhaps I was going to be one of those yummy mummy types that you see other mums glaring at. Oh how wrong I was. The day after we got MGE home, the screaming and the sleepless nights began. Now I have competitions with people – when I manage to go out/talk long enough on the phone – about who has slept the least.

Now we have moved back to the UK and this blog is going to act as a way of me sharing my adventures as a new mum as well as hopefully helping some other new mums realise things never go to plan - and there is nothing wrong with that!

See you soon :)

The Egyptian Mummy (who isn't really Egyptian!)

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