Saturday, 3 January 2015

Reading Challenge 2015: The Books

As mentioned in an earlier post, I intend on reading more in 2015 and while looking at my bookshelf noticed these 12 were sat there begging to be read. As you can tell there is certainly a type of book that I gravitate towards! Have you read any of my chosen 12?

Harlan Coben - Long Lost
M.R.Hall - The Redeemed
John Grisham - Sycamore Row
Khaled Hosseini - And the Mountains Echoed

Monique Roffey - The White Woman on the Green Bicycle
Eric Lomax - The Railway Man
Nele Neutaus - Snow White Must Die
Marina Nemat - Prisoner of Tehran

Judith Tebbutt - A Long Walk Home
Terry Hayes - I Am Pilgrim
Patricia Cornwell - Dust
Asne Seierstad - A Hundred and One Days

Currently I am on M.R.Hall's The Redeemed, an author I have read and enjoyed before.

The Egyptian Mummy

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